Like any other event or organization, the world of Futsal was brought to a halt as the Covid pandemic hit and lives were put at risk.

It has been 7 months since the onset and as the rest of the world tries to get back on its feet, the world of Futsal isn’t any different.

The UEFA executive committee (according to uefa.com) decided to postpone and amend the format previously used due to the current Covid-19 situation across Europe. The tournament is said to be played in a single-leg knockout format leading to a one venue eight-team final tournament.

This was done in order to reduce the risk so that the clubs, UEFA and national associations would have adequate time to get used to the situation.


With quite a number of things to accomplish, like the preparation of teams and the travel plans, matches and implementation of the UEFA Return to Play Protocol, the organization would have a lot on their plate as the commencement of the tournament is not far off.

The tournament is to kickoff with preliminary rounds on the 24th to the 29th of November, the round of 32 then follows on the 12th to 17th of January, the round of 16 on 16th to 21st of February and the rest of the dates yet to be determined as the event is presumed to conclude in the Minsk Arena Belarus which would host the finals in the month of April.

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