There have been lots of similarities between futsal and football even though both sports are different. They possess their own rules and regulations amongst other things like the fact that its done indoors with the size of the court and goal posts.

Both futsal and football are played with every part of the body except the hands. The goalie who protects the goal post is the only player allowed to use his or her hands. These sports both had the privilege of hosting amazing talents taking part in both futsal and football.

Here are some players who played both the game of futsal and the game of football.


With a country and continent known and marveled for its renowned futsal league and 5-a-side street games, its not uncommon for soccer stars to have taken part in either and both of these sports.

The three-time world best player and football legend Rolandinho also known as Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was a product of the futsal games in his hometown growing up and its noted by experts and pundits alike that the soccer legend developed his unique style from the futsal courts.


Popularly recognized as one of the best midfielders of all time, the Spanish legend is one of the few layers who can boast of winning every trophy in his professional career. The midfield maestro who won the world cup with Spain, Champions League amongst other tournaments discussed with fifa.com the benefits of futsal and how it had improved his abilities in quality control, understanding and tactics.


The talented French striker who had an impressive career with Sevilla in Spain and presently with AS Monaco was one who was a rising star in France with both futsal and football.

Ben Yedder was the first player to play for both the futsal national team and football national team. His speed of dribbling and close control which is a credit to futsal was one that bred a completely different style of play compared to the traditional football.


Yes, another Brazilian makes this list as the name Neymar Jr is presently a household name especially when it comes to close control, speed of dribble and accurate passing abilities. The Brazilian and PSG superstar has had a grand career with humble beginnings from Santos in Brazil through FC Barcelona to Paris, the Brazilian star has gathered accolades, titles and recognition for his unique playing style.

Neymar Jr has greatly emphasized on the importance of futsal on his career and the Brazilian footballing community as a whole.

With this sport thriving in the country, one isn’t surprised at the talent Brazil gives to the world of football.

Neymar Jr an advocate for talent development also presents his 5-a-side tournament to the world “Neymar Jr’s Five” where the best of futsal is on display.


This isn’t a name you hear often but the huge athletic defender was a beneficiary from both the futsal and football world.

The one time Manchester City and Aston Villa defender developed his love for the game of football playing futsal in his earlier years as he got to havea career being recognized as one of England’s most talented wingbacks with his close controls and impressive skills.

He mentioned that futsal makes one more composed on the ball and eager to do something with it.

Lots of other talented individuals who play in both or either of futsal and football, with so much to be impressed by and to desire, this is an indication of the importance of futsal in communities and countries around the world.

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