As individuals look for different means to incorporate back with society, the massive growth of esports in Nigeria is one to marvel on as the gaming society is being presently recognized.

Organizations putting esports at the forefront are Endgame Esports Academy and The AfroGamer. The AfroGamer and The Lagos Esports Forum collaborating to produce a very successful first episode of the Mobile Game Tournament that saw Endgame Esports Academy, Alat by Wema and KFC come in as sponsors in the process creating various opportunities for gamers and other individuals in the world of esports.

According to, the Mobile Game Tournament (MGT) season 2 is on the way and registration is ongoing with the event set for October.

The MGT organizers The AfroGamer who have Endgame Esports Academy in their corner as sponsors with season 2 on the way are deserving of applauds as they are among the very few promoting esports education and organization of standard tournaments in the country.

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