Top 10 NBA Ball Handlers of All Time

While soccer gets the more attention in this part of the world, there is no denial to the fact that basketball gives a kind of thrill that is hard to replicate in the minds of fans especially the fact that there is always something to cheer for almost every half minute. With sick dunks, layups, blind passes, ankle breaking ball handling dribbles (with is our focus for today, of course who doesn’t want to see great players humilated) amongst others, the world is blessed to have had Naismith as what he was, imagine he was a politician or a carpenter, chair designs would come with halos and centres like TD garden would only host concerts and 12 year old ballerina dance battles. Lol

Ball handling in basketball has to be one of if not the most exciting part of basketball, little wonder we have loads of street events like the “and1” in almost every hood in the world. From simple crossovers to complex ones that leaves one wondering if there were physically possible and oppositions crawling or even twisted inside out while wondering what planet their souls left them to, we rank the best ball handlers in the NBA

10. Tim Hardaway:
Tim is a just a joy to watch when he is on the ball, he does the most basic crossovers but does them so beautifully well and powers past his opposition in a quick flair. I always liking him to a Westbrook or Giannis with more skills, but you have to give it to the man, he deserves his spot.

9. Isiah Thomas
King of the fort had to beat all odds to have made it as a basketball player, to add to the fact that there are more basketball players twice his height, his name was as a result of a lost bet by his father and he was the last pick of his draft. The fact that is he is very close to the floor didn’t keep him grounded as he graced the court with his “gigantic” presence. He was just too brilliant on the ball and gave Celtics their best years. He also has a sick crossover named after him.

8. Stephen Curry:
Yeah, surprised right, arguably the best shooter in the history of the NBA ranks at number 8 of our best ball handlers chart. Curry’s insane numbers leaves you in total shock and the fact that he can shoot from any angle and side of the court makes him extra special. On the ball, curry is a nightmare too as his always finds a way to break out of tackles and still leave his oppositions for dead with while aiming perfectly for the bucket from long. The Golden states point or shooting guard coming in in our number 8 spot

7. Pete Maravich:
Pete was way ahead of his time when it came to ball handling, if he didn’t invent the back crossover, he sure did perfected it. He could take on three oppositions, twisting and turning them den ending with a fake that leads to an amazing layup or assist.

6. Steve Francis:
He was a total showman. He always “ate his food”, always made sure he was in the news or the morning papers for totally making a fool of his opponent. Most laughable dribbles were done by him. Not only was he known for his handles, he also was a dunk king, in short, this man just loves to attack and finish off in style. His strength, skills, insane handling and dunks earn him his number 6 spot on this list.

5. Chris Paul:
When CP is on the ball, he teammates could step off the court to get bagels and soda and watch from the side lines because he was that assured on handling and shooting. Like curry, he could single handedly carry the team on his shoulders, do great numbers only with more skills, ankle breaks and jaw dropping layups. He could do everything offensively. The hornets were forever grateful for their draft pick.

4. Jamal Crawford:
Crawford is the total showman, despite being 40 and out of play because of injuries, he still wants to return for the next regular season for the Nets which shows his crazy love for the game which he loves and makes looks so easy with the way he dazzles and outshine his peers. Quick crossovers with a sharp break and run makes his dribbles extra effective, stylish and deadly on opposition players ankles. Personally I think he is one of the most underrated ball players of all times.

3. Jason Williams:
I’m yet to see a more stylish passer than Jason Williams. Have you ever being so hyped about an assist than the goal itself in football? That’s the same feel Jason Williams give you on the court. I feel he can do just anything with the ball and finish of with an insane pass that gets the whole court on their feet. You are sure to get a 100% value for every ticket money u spent to see this man. There was always something new from “white chocolate” as he was fondly called at every game he plays. His blind passes coupled with his heavenly joints twisting handles gives him our number 3 spot.

2. Allen Iverson:
Personally one of my greatest player ever but it is so sad and shocking that he never won a championship. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other great players were on the receiving end of his waist and ankle twisting schemes. His more than amazing moves could be replicated but the speed on them was what made them extra special, he was a freak of nature. Pat Crose once described Iverson as taking a Michael Jordan and speeding him up, that’s how great he was. The late 90s and early 2000s would be grateful to have watched Iverson. He truly made basketball really exciting and fun to watch.

And for our number one….

…drum rolls please

1. Kyrie Irving:
I run out of words to describe uncle drew. Personally, I think Irving is an updated version of Iverson. He is the perfect bone collector. Not only is he skillful but very tactical, he knows when to be a team player, when to power through alone and when to collect bones. How he measures the length of a player’s arm, leg, reach and possible next defensive move in splits of a second is totally out of this world. Irving literally sends a great NBA player crawling on the floor every quarter of a season. He gets out of very difficult tackles Like a magician does out of a chained box. In the time of Lebron James, Stephen curry, Kelvin Durant and James harden, I feel so so lucky to have watched Kyrie Irving play basketball.

Honorable mentions include, James Harden, Lebron James, luka Doncic, Damain Lillard, Donovan Mitchell to mention a few.

There are no facts to state that a ball handler is better than another but watching these players over time and comparing them in certain situations helped us rank them. Let us know what you think of the ranking, who deserved a slot and missed out? Who was ranked wrongly. Do thrill yourselves by checking these guys out and dropping a comment. Have a great time…..


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